Tuesday, February 2, 2010

5 Life Extension Technologies You Can Employ in Day To Day Life

Lately there has been a lot of science developed around life extension.

I thought I would add to the discourse by explaining ways to not only extend your life, but also to make the moments of life that you have feel like they last that much longer.
  1. Say something awkward. Awkward moments always seem to last 5-10x longer then a normal moment. If you can create a lot of awkward moments time will pass slow.
  2. Drink lots of coffee. Feeling highly agitated and that the world around you is not moving fast enough is a sure way to stretch out the moment. Similarly, getting too little sleep may help with this too.
  3. Travel to a new place. Often when you arrive in a new place a day can feel like a week, especially if the place is very stressful or you try to pack something in to every waking moment.
  4. Take lots of long flights. Flights help time pass more slowly in two ways - a) Time dilation - since you are accelerating relative to the earth, you will age slightly less then people below you - SUCKERS! b) Flights are extremely boring. Time seems to pass extremely slowly on long flights, thereby extending your perceived life. Try to sit by a newborn or at a seat with a broken video viewer.
  5. Eat right and exercise. This should extend your life as well, but is not an approach recommend for amateurs.

Bonus ideas:
  • Go to jail. This one is self explanatory.
  • Spend more time with family. Even when alcohol is involved, spending time with family seems to pass very slowly.
Things to avoid:
  1. Days with lots of meetings. Ever notice how quickly those days go by, yet you feel like so little of your work has been completed?
  2. Fun. Sometimes, when things are really fun time goes by very fast.