Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Update on the company + Hiring 1 UX person, 1 FE engineer

So since I last posted a lot has happened for our company, Mixer Labs:

a) We raised money
b) We were featured in Esquire
c) We hired most of the initial team (including some great folks from BEA, Symantec, and other cos).

I think that literally everyone on our team has either started a company before, or worked at a startup, which means we are a "mature" startup - i.e. no one running around like a headless chicken freaking out about stuff. We have all been through this drill before.

We are trying to round out the last 2 hires for the team, so please send my way great folks you know who fit the following:
a) UX designer. Someone who can drive ground up user experience/interaction design for the site. Someone with HTML/CSS skills preferred.

b) Front End Engineer. Someone with mad front end skills including php/mysql/ajax experience.