Saturday, December 22, 2007

Launching Facebook App For Fun!!! Woohoo!

A friend and I decided to work on a Facebook app for fun. (Side note: This has nothing to do with my long term company plans)

You can try it out here.

The app allows you to send and receive different types of karma (good karma, lucky karma, love karma, etc.). The more karma you send your friends - the more karma they send you, thus helping you to avoid reincarnation as a lizard, (or, heaven forbid, a Friendster user.)

Our basic premise was:
a) Make something simple and fast
b) Try to make it as viral as possible
c) Have fun playing around with this stuff

It was fun to work on something that you can put together this quickly (~1 week of part time work including setting up new accounts, finding an artist and having the art made, etc.).

Look forward to people's suggestion on how to make it better :-)

You can try it out here.